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Who Said One Can’t Build a House Upon the Sand?

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“If you can hover a train, why not a house?”

That question has been posed to mankind by engineer Greg Henderson, maker of the Hendo hover board (above), after a successful demonstration, by professional skateboard rider Tony Hawk, of the board’s ability to life a man off the ground.  The designer isn’t primarily interested in building sci-fi toys to publicity stunts like the Hawk demo.  He is convinced that the technology responsible for a hovering board can save lives.

Henderson believes that, while it may be foolish to build on sand, or on an earthquake fault line for that matter, it may be OK if those who do so build not upon a foundation of stone, or anything solid at all, but upon, yes, a magnetic field.  What if, he wonders, when the Richter scale started to bound, the generators kicked on and turned the magnets on?

“There’s a lot of applications I know will be near and dear to many architects’ hearts in terms of sustainability, transportation, entertainment, automation, space. But in architecture…we were looking into the recent Napa earthquake: apparently there was colossal damage to the wine industry, in the from of a lot of broken wine bottles – millions of dollars worth of wine. That’s a simple case study in what we could do to prevent this. It’s a stepping stone example, where we can provide wine-racks and wine storage facilities that can take advantage of the early warning system on the faults, that exist today…with a few seconds warning we can actually hover what we want to isolate and allow the earthquake to do its thing.”

Yes, hover technology could make natural disasters a fear of yesteryear once everything in danger was constructed upon electromagnetic fields instead of the earth.  It’s really quite simple to understand once you realize that it’s already been proven to hold an entire man off the ground.

This image shows exactly how it all works..

How Does It Work?

I know we shouldn’t ask questions like that, being laymen, but I think it’s sort of like when we push two magnets together and they push each other apart.  However, if you are a scientist and would like to know how it really works, here’s the architect’s explanation, which we’ve quoted without alteration, which can also be viewed in the image above:
“Lenz’s law explains how eddy currents are created when magnets are moved relative to a conductive material.  These eddy currents in turn create an opposing magnetic field in the conductor.  Our core technology, which we call Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA™), focuses this field more efficiently.”

He also said this, which seems like it might be important:

“Our goal is to create an ecosystem, together with you, of technologies that use Magnetic Field Architecture. We want to encourage the democratization of technology – first it was software, then hardware, and now we can give anyone with an internet connection access to the cutting edge of high technology.  You no longer need to be a researcher in a lab to make groundbreaking scientific discoveries that change the world.

and this, too, which I add for any scientists who may be reading–

“At an altruistic level, our technology has the ability to change the way we think about how communities are designed and built – from family homes, to hospital rooms, to factories, to skyscrapers. We can build structures such that, with the flip of a switch, they are lifted out of harm’s way.  The potential ravages of earthquakes and floods will no longer hold sway over occupants of these buildings.”

How We Can Help

As one who has an internet connection who likes wine and doesn’t want to die in an earthquake,it seems that giving my money to fund this kind of world-saving technology is a no-brainer.  The inventor, who rightly explains that this idea can only be explained by the word “epiphany” has created a fundraising program that has already raised almost $500,000.  One of the options is to own you own Hendo hoverboard, which can be obtained by a $10,000 donation.  While that may seem incredible, we think  the $5,000 prize is even more amazing.  The offer reads:

“”Be a part of the inspiration and vision by immersing yourself with the Hendo Hoverboard team.  Meet Greg Henderson, his better half and co-founder Jill, and some of the other brain trust that drives Hendo.  Engage in discussion and brainstorming regarding the next innovative product.  We’ll fly you out, put you in a hotel and show you around town.”

Yes, that’s right.  You can talk about, I mean, attempt to talk about, these things with the scientists.  They will actually talk with you and show you around the town they are in.  If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself right here.

It’s all fascinating, I know.  We live in the best age of the human race, where men are talking about building things off the ground.  To think of how great it will be when God sends an earthquake upon some known fault line, not realizing there are scientists in it who know about magnets, and the earthquake only destroys the poor and stupid people who didn’t build their houses to hover.  What a day that will be!

Knowledge is power!


P.S.  It’s important to note that this works only on a certain surface which needs to be a “non-ferromagnetic conductor”.  I don’t know what that means, but I don’t think stone or dirt or concrete would be a non-ferro..whatever.  Nevertheless, the inventor vows to make it possible to build even on water.  No, really, he said that.

The Latest from Mars…

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The Latest Facts from Curiosity

The conclusions are mind-boggling considering that we know that the atmospheric conditions on Mars make it impossible for liquid water to exist.

Question: “Are there any life forms out there in space?”

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This great question is of great interest to NASA.  Fortunately, while superstitious people have answered this throughout history, men who allow only the facts of scientific investigation to influence their judgment can provide us with more certain answers.  Here, a scientist at NASA answers the question…scientifically:

“I don’t have any conclusive evidence to say that there is, but my gut feeling is that surely with this vastness of the universe, there’s bound to be life out there in unimaginable, interesting variations and I can’t wait for us to find them.”

There you have it.  Let’s put this into syllogistic form to appreciate it better:

1.  All vast things must have unimaginable, yet interesting variations of life life in them other than that which is known on earth.
2.  The universe is a vast thing.
3.  The universe must have unimaginable, yet interesting variations of life life in them other than that which is known on earth.


Cola is Better

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Cola is Better

The results of laboratory testing have proven the early benefits of cola for children. Yet again, truths proven by scientists in the past have been forgotten. Get your little ones started today–they’ll love it!

Reminder! DDT Proven Safe by Scientists

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Reminder!  DDT Proven Safe by Scientists

Exhaustive studies were conducted by the scientists paid by Pennsalt Chemicals, ensuring us that DDT is safe for use on the farm and in the home. Many of these scientific studies have been forgotten over time, but we’re going to help restore the truths of science.

Science Confirms that Teen Crime, Sex, Drugs Are Signs of Trouble

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Since the dawn of time, human beings have been wrong about delinquent behavior and pre-marital romantic activity.  Researchers reveal that it has always been considered “normal” for boys and girls in their early teens to have adult-like relationships without any of the responsibilities that those relations require among older men and women.  It has always been considered “normal” for teens to engage in minor criminal activity and drug use.  Most of us, being included in the general consensus, have allowed precocious teen behavior to go unchecked because we have always thought it was just a fact of life.  Well, isn’t it?

Dr. Joseph Allen, a psychologist from the University of Virginia, has recently published his discoveries after completing a scientific study of teens, which was funded by the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development and the National Institute of Mental Health, which suggests that we may all be wrong about all this.

By actually studying 184 real teen-aged students, Dr. Allen was able to demonstrate that–

“Early adolescent pseudomature behavior predicted long-term difficulties in close relationships, as well as significant problems with alcohol and substance use, and elevated levels of criminal behavior.”

As counter-intuitive as that may be–and difficult to believe–it is this truth like this that Dr. Allen knows the psychological sciences are capable of discovering for those of us who have hitherto relied on superstitious beliefs that contradict what we could see for ourselves if we would only look at the world as scientists do.

While you can read the fascinating results of Dr. Allen’s research for yourself, it is most important that we act on this research as soon as possible.  We must teach our young teens age 13-15) that the criminal activity, sexual activity and drug use that seems normal to all of us is being shown–by science!–to not be good for them.  We need to be patient, as it may hard for them to believe, but knowing that this is being taught by scientists will probably give them the strength they need to stop doing these things and only do that which science proves can benefit them in the long run.  Who could have known without science?