Question: “Are there any life forms out there in space?”

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This great question is of great interest to NASA.  Fortunately, while superstitious people have answered this throughout history, men who allow only the facts of scientific investigation to influence their judgment can provide us with more certain answers.  Here, a scientist at NASA answers the question…scientifically:

“I don’t have any conclusive evidence to say that there is, but my gut feeling is that surely with this vastness of the universe, there’s bound to be life out there in unimaginable, interesting variations and I can’t wait for us to find them.”

There you have it.  Let’s put this into syllogistic form to appreciate it better:

1.  All vast things must have unimaginable, yet interesting variations of life life in them other than that which is known on earth.
2.  The universe is a vast thing.
3.  The universe must have unimaginable, yet interesting variations of life life in them other than that which is known on earth.


Cola is Better

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Cola is Better

The results of laboratory testing have proven the early benefits of cola for children. Yet again, truths proven by scientists in the past have been forgotten. Get your little ones started today–they’ll love it!

Reminder! DDT Proven Safe by Scientists

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Reminder!  DDT Proven Safe by Scientists

Exhaustive studies were conducted by the scientists paid by Pennsalt Chemicals, ensuring us that DDT is safe for use on the farm and in the home. Many of these scientific studies have been forgotten over time, but we’re going to help restore the truths of science.

Science Is King! A New Blog….

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Hello there. If you are receiving this email, it is because you were formerly subscribed to the CLAAnews blog. This is to inform you that CLAAnews no longer exists.

However, a new blog has emerged. Science Is King will be a humor based news and article blog that will publish content on a wide variety of modern issues, including science, religion, politics, social issues, health and nutrition, and more. The site will be hosted at www.ScienceIsKing.com.

Your subscription to CLAAnews automatically subscribes you to Science Is King, but since the content of this blog will be completely different, we wanted to let you know of the change before you started receiving emails. Of course you can always unsubscribe if you wish.

The intent of this blog is to facilitate discussion of modernity, so please comment on the articles and share with friends.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy Science Is King!

Science Confirms that Teen Crime, Sex, Drugs Are Signs of Trouble

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Since the dawn of time, human beings have been wrong about delinquent behavior and pre-marital romantic activity.  Researchers reveal that it has always been considered “normal” for boys and girls in their early teens to have adult-like relationships without any of the responsibilities that those relations require among older men and women.  It has always been considered “normal” for teens to engage in minor criminal activity and drug use.  Most of us, being included in the general consensus, have allowed precocious teen behavior to go unchecked because we have always thought it was just a fact of life.  Well, isn’t it?

Dr. Joseph Allen, a psychologist from the University of Virginia, has recently published his discoveries after completing a scientific study of teens, which was funded by the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development and the National Institute of Mental Health, which suggests that we may all be wrong about all this.

By actually studying 184 real teen-aged students, Dr. Allen was able to demonstrate that–

“Early adolescent pseudomature behavior predicted long-term difficulties in close relationships, as well as significant problems with alcohol and substance use, and elevated levels of criminal behavior.”

As counter-intuitive as that may be–and difficult to believe–it is this truth like this that Dr. Allen knows the psychological sciences are capable of discovering for those of us who have hitherto relied on superstitious beliefs that contradict what we could see for ourselves if we would only look at the world as scientists do.

While you can read the fascinating results of Dr. Allen’s research for yourself, it is most important that we act on this research as soon as possible.  We must teach our young teens age 13-15) that the criminal activity, sexual activity and drug use that seems normal to all of us is being shown–by science!–to not be good for them.  We need to be patient, as it may hard for them to believe, but knowing that this is being taught by scientists will probably give them the strength they need to stop doing these things and only do that which science proves can benefit them in the long run.  Who could have known without science?