No Such Thing As Fake Science

This liquid is important for your happiness in life.
This liquid is important for your happiness in life.

A despicable article over at claiming that Scientists manipulate Science news about their research by limiting reporters’ access to independent sources in exchange for an early insight into new studies. I am sorry, but there is no such thing as manipulated science news. It’s all true.

Basically the article claims that reporters get “insider knowledge” about new Scientific breakthroughs, and all they have to do in exchange is promise to only interview specially selected and approved sources about those breakthroughs. This is crazy…Science would NEVER do that. Scientists have the purist intentions and are transparent, honest and unafraid of independent inquiries about their constant, never-ending, costly, contradictory, speculative and otherwise perfect research studies.

What they are talking about here are termed “Science News Embargos”, and this other shameful reporter explains what they are, namely that “newspapers and magazines will largely talk to the same sources, and many of their stories will be nearly identical.” He goes on, “The reason for this synchrony is embargoes — agreements between reporters and sources that the former can have access to information from the latter, but not publish anything until a time the source has determined in advance. Nearly all of the major scientific journals use them and send the studies out to journalists five or so days before they lift.”

Nearly all of the major scientific journals use “embargos”, huh? Really? Perhaps all the articles on these studies are identical because Science Truth cannot be altered except by other Science Truth? Maybe we are just seeing reporters of Science do their job properly, that is, accept what Scientists tell them as true and ask NO QUESTIONS because you are not a Scientist, and if you have questions, they will tell you who you can ask. Some of this stuff is rocket Science.

Anyway…there can never be fake news in Science because it is not a religious cult attempting to squash dissent. If you disagree you should be burned at the stake.

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